Tuesday, March 24, 2009

missing in action


Yes... I am alive.
I'm still breathing... :P

I know, its like I have abandoned my blog here or my other blogs & websites due to the fact that I no longer a regular surfer in the net. But hindi rin natin maiiwasan yan...


1. Absent si PC (or even si Internet-Connection)
-> Why absent? Because I don't have one. Its also impossible for me to ask a lappie or a desktop from my parents due to some financial crisis going on in our lives.
What about me? I'm working on it tho... Just accepted this March in a Lying-in where I previously doing my volunteer work for 3-4 months.
Now I'm just waiting for months to earn and have my own baby.... my own lappie or notebook.

Need? Yes. PC/lappie is a need... for me. But not as Physiological like food, shelter, etc. for other people. So I'm really sacrificing all of my time working... or killing my time on dvd's... rather than writing.

2. Place
Even if I live in an almost rurban area (Bacoor, Cavite), with all those net shops in the corner...

Let's face it. When you blog or write a journal or something... you need a good place... a good ambiance... to be inspired...

Silence may be, or noise from the television...

But with flies and mosquitoes lurking and flying inside the net shop (waiting for a victim), smelly customers sitting beside you while they search for their 'crushes' in 'friendster', mga tambay sa net shop and peeping on what you're doing... shouting teenage boys, playing CS or DOTA as if nakataya na buhay nila sa larong iyon... and masaklap pa... nananakawan ka ng gamit dahil sa mga labas-pasok na mga tao sa net shop...

hah! I DON'T THINK SO. >:(

So maybe I'll update my sites or write a blog once in a while... if there's an EXCITING event had happend in my life... or around me... or whatever it is... haha!

OR if my dad's home in Rizal, he'd bring his Laptop just for me to use our DSL and surf the net NON-STOP...


balang araw...

hmpf~ >:)

P.S. yaw ko magsulat sa mga netshops... gastos pa...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

i have been TAGGED!

*did this before but will repeat it to kill the boredom... haha

If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you by writing down your 25 random things.

Upon reading other people's 25 randoms things, LOLing at them. People I thought who are boring have somewhat had spice in their life. *err I'm being too judgmental* <-- haha lolz

1. Way back when i was a kid, living in a big compound in QC... with much excitement of my parent's arrival from a trip, i stubble on a cement ground and leaving half of my face full of abrations/wound... now that's what you call HALF FACE! *thank God for protein, it healed a few months later... and still gorgeous until now haha!

2. February 2005 was weird and horrifying for me. While I stroll a famous mall in Makati, there was this maniac who's following me and before i realize it... stalking me! He even make 'hipo' my butt (yeah its big! but not as big as J-Lo) maybe 2x and i really thought it was an accident due to the big mass of people in the mall. I ran and find the nearest security guard and ask for help. :(

3. I eat vegetables but NOT Okra (because of its slimy-ness) and Ampalaya. Even if the best Chefs prepared it.

4. I am horrified when I see a SNAIL (actual or just in the pictures). So don't expect me to eat KAHOL.... eewww.

5. I am so amazed with RPG's especially Final Fantasy. I play them a couple of times but NEVER finish a single Final Fantasy game... just the RPG game Lunar 1 & 2 in Play Station.

6. I had my first line of 7 in my report card when I was in Grade 4, subject: SCIENCE, 74. The next quarter, it boosted up to 92. :D

7. I played the role Doña Consolacion in the play Noli Me Tangere in my Junior year in HS. But it was fatal because the whip that I was using hit directly on my face! (John Felipe Co felt it as if he was the one who was hit... saying "ouch" backstage) LOL

8. During college applications, my 1st choice is Computer Science, but failed. :(

9. My one and only gadget that I can't live without is my iPod nano video 3rd gen. (aside from my phones)

10. I want to travel the world... especially the Himalayas, Mongolia, and Africa. :D

11. Alot of people said I have a talent in Arts and Cooking, but instead, I pursue my Nursing career and now I'm a DR/clinic nurse in a Lying-in in the locality of Bacoor, Cavite.

12. I never disected a frog during my sophomore year in HS because I was sent to De La Salle Zobel to compete in a drawing/arts contest.

13. I really didn't have a REAL relationship with a boyfriend because its LONG-DISTANCE. (that's why i never cried when i broke up w/ them). If ever I'll have one soon, it will be my 1st ever REAL gf-bf dating relationship.

14. I deleted my account in MySpace because of some not-so-decent proposals and comments. My conscience & morality can't take it anymore! XP

15. I don't enjoy strolling to so-expensive malls like Rockwell, Greenbelt, Trinoma, G4, etc. I'd rather shop in a local plaza, SM, tyangge or just in Divisoria.. :D

16. I love shoes. Ironically, i only have a few shoes to wear... weird huh!

17. I hate it when people thought that my brother's my son! i'm not a single, young mom!

18. I knew how to loose weight naturally, but failed to do so. Now I'm tempted to buy Xenical or Lesofat... but on the second thought... i don't have any money + i'm thinking of the side effects haha!

19. When I started living in Cavite, I just realized that I really can't live without the net! that's my LIFE! and how boring I am since i don't have any friends or any social life... gawd! so pathetic!

20. I was born late and weigh around 7 lbs. I guess I really enjoyed staying in my mom's womb! XD

21. I never wore a bikini in my entire life.

22. I learned how to dress and to groom properly and *fashionably* during college, until now. I was boring and plain-jane in Highschool.

23. I was a cosplayer then during highschool, and I did cosplay because I met a Sakura cosplayer in a Comic Alley, so happen that we both want to buy a Sakura Wars OST. Eventually, we became best of friends and a co-league. :D

24. Whenever I daydream about my wedding, I'd tell & make a requiest to my future husband during the honeymoon... "I want to rest and no-sex for tonight... ang hirap kaya ng buong araw na inaayusan ka at nasa spotlight! bukas nalang~" XD

25. When I was a kid, my cousins and kids jokes me " RHEA RUBBING ALCOHOL!!!" and I'm mad at it. Now, I used that line to correct my name's spelling. They thought it's RIA or RHEi or simply REA... but its R-H-E-A! okieh?

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goodbye 2008... and hello 2009! :D

Yay! its 2009! :D
in line w/ this.... of course, dapat alalahanin naman natin ang 2008.... it was a tough year for me so... i guess its worth-it to remember some m gonna list some of my unforgettable 2008 moments... :D

  • delivered alot of babies (as required by the PRC for completion)
  • spent my Valentines w/ my thesis partner doing our thesis
  • defended our thesis with full anxiety, yet got a grade of 95 (or 11balls) :D
  • 1st boy-cut hair-do... parang c Andy Go from CoffeePrince
  • and i just realized.... i never had my hair cut since April 2008... that's the longest time i've never had a haircut!
  • received a 2.75 or 3.00 grade for the last semester (but graduated)
  • Graduated on time, 2x: the first was Clinical (for nurses), and the usual graduation w/ toga's... but felt as if it was an ordinary day... haha
  • during graduation, for the first time, my parents and my college friend's family met up...and it was amazing! :D
  • I became an instant 'Godmother' to my friend's 4y/o son. haha!
  • 1st time living in a dorm w/ my classmates/friends for the board exam (for 2months...)
  • woke up around so early, and lined-up around 2:30am in PRC for application for the board exams... and realized that we're 60th who were lined up! woooh~
  • 1st time experienced hypoglycemia when lined-up in PRC
  • just realized that I'm enjoying writing (online).... in short... BLOGGER. :D
  • while searching for my school (testing site for the board exam), i got lost in Manila... thank God for trains... :D
  • got fatter and fatter (or gained so much weight) during Summer...
  • 1st time, me and my friend went to Quiapo Church and pray... I love you Black Nazarene!
  • Had fortune telling in Quiapo, for the first time... :D
  • 1st time took my Board Exam in Adamsons Univ...
  • while taking the exam, i can't breathe... not because im anxious, but because my clinical white uniform is already small, and parang PUPUTOK na ko!
  • for the first time, i felt really REALLY lonely because my college friends had their own lives abroad... so i sticked w/ my HS barkada + cyberlife...
  • it was my first time crying so hard because of my parents,,, felt as if wala akong kakampi because my family relatives take sides...and it SUCKS!
  • thanks to Ada, we went to ABS CBN in QC to see our idol, Wu Chun & Calvin Chen from the taiwanese show, Romantic Princess haha<--- felt like gaga!
  • i cried so hard because of my stupid parents, and not realizing it was my birthday.
  • i celebrated my 21st birthday in my Grandma's house and my HS friends came~ even if they had work~ yay! :D
  • July 25th, while chatting w/ a friend... learned that i PASSED the board exam... RN baby!
  • unlike others, i did not celebrate it, being an RN. instead, i attended my friend's celebration party and naki-party nalang kami.
  • 1st time, felt like im such a BUMMER... wasted months... being a BUM.
  • I read random books, like Bob Ong's and the book "he's just not that into you". afterwards, i realized that the guys around me are just not that INTO me. and it SUCKS! But it was a fact so, its a good thing. :D
  • first time, felt ashamed of asking money from my parents.
  • 1st time, i experienced mild depression.
  • 1st time, i turn on my TV and switch it to SPORTS for Wimbledon and US Open. :D in short: i fell in love w/ TENNIS!
  • 1st time, i realized i also love the animal, Platypus (after watching the Disney cartoon: Phineas and Ferb)
  • 1st time, i asked for financial support online, checked if people would take it seriously... but yes~ THERE WAS someone who took it seriously.
  • just realized that i don't have a REAL social life, just social life in the net. and it sucks!
  • for the first time, someone or some people recognized my talent in Photography and writing skills.... haha!
  • mid-August, did my Red Cross training w/ my friend and his UERM friends in Marikina... yay! saya!
  • Learned to eat tokwa't baboy for the 1st time.
  • Read 4 books (twilight saga) in a month or two for the 1st time.... basta ang bilis!
  • my grandma was hospitalized because of a hemorrhage in her brain, and have my share by staying in the hospital, bantay. :D
  • had my 1st time serious-adult-talk w/ my relatives about what's happening to my family & my life
  • got my 1st job as a pseudo-secretary/typing-job for my Pediatrician cousin... and learned alot of psych-related cases
  • i signed up for PLURK
  • by September, i applied in alot of health-care institutions....
  • 1st time, went to public institutions to register and apply for clearances. :D
  • 1st job interview in a learning institution.. and it was cool~
  • failed to respond to an employer's call due to some stupidity @ home... so meaning: failed to have a real JOB. (even if i am qualified for the job).
  • 1st surprise job interview by my cousin... and sh*t, i felt so stupid.
  • receievd alot of job offers, but rejected them...
  • I got my RN license from the PRC (yay for my license!)
  • Stayed in Bacoor, Cavite and did volunteer work in a Lying-in (w/ the help of my ninang/HMO of Bacoor)
  • for the 1st time, i felt HAPPINESS in my workplace and with my practice of my profession.
  • I receieved my first pay from my job as a Reliever and from the laboratory and it felt gOOD! :D
  • I'm such a late bloomer: @ 21, i just realized the beauty of eyeshadows, make-up, nail-polish, dresses, and heels.
  • i receievd my 1st footspa and pedicure/manicure.
  • after 10 years, i got my 2nd hair-color, but was murdered. I said 'Chocolate Brown' but instead, it looks like LIGHT SHINY BROWN!
  • for the first time, i get to send alot of snail mails to a friend abroad. (even if there's net) :D
  • my pc at home broke and now... i'm always waiting for my dad to come home for me to use his laptop to go on net.
  • realized that Cyberlife is part of my life, but its ok if you're not active, unlike months ago... haha!
  • for thr first time, i applied for my passport, and after a few weeks... i got my very own passport!
  • I bought my perfectly fitted flats... and its a big deal coz its so hard for me to wear a single pair of shoes...
  • attended my cousin's neat wedding. I got to say, its the coolest wedding, yet!

BUT most importantly, for the first time, i really felt what FAMILY is all about.... the meaning and essence of it. :D and w/ them, i really feel this unexplained happiness. and it is such a nice feeling,,, :D

P.S. actually, marami pa yan. but because im not feeling well, i think that's all for now.

P.S.S. thanks to Micael, i got this idea from him. hehehe

Happy New Year!!! :D

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

November Update (super late~!)

wheew~ It's been a long time since I update my blog here... I had a hard time updating stuffs since I lost my cyber-life/net-niche. So sad... D:

Anyways... here are the updates... whether you care or not abt it.. haha


1. What it feels like working in the province? original post HERE
My life @ home in Rizal is quite monotonous for the past few months. All I did there was to read my thick books (incl.the pdfs) & an active-geeky-life in the net (+ baboy-life). But with some sad, yet predicted circumstances... I won't be able to do all these... = BORING!

Plus I have to move my ass now in terms of my career. Kahit na marami akong na-apply-yan sa Manila (online)... its not enough. :( dami rin kasing maarteng hospitals... leche! *curse*

So I decided to stay in Bacoor w/ my Grandfather & my mom's side family in Bacoor, Cavite. There are many hospitals, lying-ins, and health centers here (w/ a 'lil help from some connections here...)

Since the haunted house.. este, my Grandfather's house is under renovation... new rooms! *i have my own room there! *


Anyways... People might call me a fool, but i declined alot of job offers in Manila, especially now that tag-hirap na (financially).The jobs that were offered to me were not related to my profession, so i turned them down... even if i'd be trained for a span of time or something. I won't be at-ease and I won't be happy with it.
Kumikita nga ako, hindi naman ako masaya...

I strongly stand to my goal. It is to be a nurse, whatever it takes...

So, i decided to follow my heart (& mind). Went to Bacoor, Cavite. Lived there... and practice my profession there... in the service for the local people of Cavite :P

Currently, I'm working as a volunteer nurse and a part-time reliever in a 24/7 Lying-in in Molino (a jeep away from home). The people there (my coleagues) are so nice and very hospitable. You'd really feel that you're very welcome in their family.

Even if i don't earn (and slightly envious to my co-leagues due to their sweldos), I'm happy offering my services free and i was able to do nursing stuffs...

My family and friends, and new co-leagues are very supportive of me...

and I know, I'll get there... *dreams*

2. Twilight (movie)

The original Screening of this movie was on November 21, 2008, but it was moved a week later November 26, 2008.

I did not go to duty on this day due to the fact that I want to watch it on its first day of showing. I was not able to watch the advance screening of it last November 25.

Anyways... It disappoints me because they changed some scenarios and it made my memory so blurry... i was in the state of confusion... really! and there are alot of flaws in the movie...
But I have to admit... I love the cinematography of the movie... the gloomy, blue weather... and the forest... ^_^ hehe

Tho, I must not expect much anymore... that's the lesson, for me not to be disappointed next time, haha!
*since the movie is a low-budget-movie... nag-ipon lang sila for the future movies of the TWILIGHT saga. :D

3. Star City (Pasay City, Philippines)
Last November 30, 2008, my high school friends and I went to Star City, since its a long weekend...

Star City is the longest-running, free-standing amusement park within the metropolis. It is built and opens annually, usually months of October till January-Feb of the next year. (but depends on the management, i guess)

Anyways, we did enjoy the whole experience. Tho we went there late and there were alot of people... If I say 'alot'... well it's ALOT! It made us WAIT for about 15-30mins to line-up for a ride. And the bad part was... it rained! grrh! But thank God there are in-door rides that's quite dangerous and challenging! haha
The fun part of it was the rides there were really amazing! Its not
like before that there were only 2-3 challenging rides (i.e. roller coaster). There's also this SNOW WORLD/LAND and DINO LAND inside the amusement park, but it was already FULL so we just paid around Php 300 for Ride-all-you-can.

It was such a fun experience!

(HS friends from left: Jen Aninao, PG Ong, Grace Cruz, Joanna Estioco, Julian Jara)

some pics HERE


Monday, October 20, 2008

my October week: bdays + trainee exam + broke

Ang bilis ng panahon... kung kelan lang... birthday ko... at dumaan ang September... malaman laman ko nalang, OCTOBER na! gah~ ganun na pla kami katagal naghihintay sa lecheng lisensya na yan! grrrh.

Anyways... enough of whining... its kwento-time!

Happy Birthday DAD!

My dad went home and had his 1week-per-month vacation the week of his birthday, October 13, 2008.

My mom & my brother bought him a comb, his request; since his combs were not that reliable anymore... haha!
I bought a "Mama Mia" DVD for him as a bday gift. I used to have a music trip w/ my dad when I was a kid, so I know he would love it since he's a fan of ABBA! and he liked it! *relief*

I also went out that day and bought a cupcake from Go Nuts Donuts & 12pc candles (i just need 1) from Goldilocks... gah! anyways... all of these simple things didn't failed me to make my dad happy in his special day of the year.

Happy 54th birthday, dad!

AFP-V.Luna trainee exam
My friend, PG just signed me in to this training program of V.Luna. He also signed-in others like Osang, Icay, and our Dose buddy PM.
I was abt to back-out because of low self-esteem & lack of faith in myself. Reminiscing my board rating... it gives me that downfall-feeling... :(
But God & some people gave me a boost... ok... reviewed some computations... D/S Q, IVTs, and some MS....
Cramming didn't failed me. Twenty or less items were abt computations... MS-OB... yep. The exam was ok. and THANK GOD it was multiple choice! But I hate the "select all that apply" items... gah! Circulation of the heart nalang, pwede ba?

from the left: PG, Icay, Osang, PM, me (and an extra examinee)

After the exam, we went to the mall to meet up w/ our HS buds Julian & Joshua. They were
shocked seeing us wearing our complete clinical uniform... as if we're the WHITE ARMY. what?! D:

Grace's 21st birthday
After my dad's bday, its our friend's turn to celebrate her birthday!
Tho unplanned, the birthday girl just texted us and she's inviting us in her crib to celebrate! dala raw ng food. So before we went to her place, did bought some cake, gift, and a box of pizza (cheeze+meat). Grace is not a fan of veggies D:
But we had fun! met up w/ her family, FEU groupmates... and invade the house w/ our karaoke sessions... XD

Birthday Girl Grace (in white sando, making faces) with PJ Ovejas (our HS batchmate, in pink) and the rest of her FEU groupmates :)

the gang
(from left: julian, ace, joshua, pm, pg, me, angeli, jen aninao, & tym)

"ang sad nu naman," says the bday girl on the 1st photo... ok~ (>o<)/*
Julian singing solo + drinks. :P

PM singing in front of the TV

Highest score: 94... by PM -__-;
runner up: 92 by Julian
2nd runner up: 91 by me.

photo album HERE

Yes... this is the never-ending problem of ours, bums. Tho we're finding a job, applying here and there, and having a sideline in typing (below minimum wage of P350), D: i don't want to settle on that, of course. :(

Maybe our Infotech teaching career won't push through since dami palang applicants before us.
Then I received a call from Xiao's Executive, Ms. Q. about rescheduling my interview...

I think this is fate. Maybe now, its my turn to respond to these 'calling' kuno... :P

gambatte!!! hmpf~ >:)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cosplay Mania 2008

October 12, 2008 (Sunday), the most awaited Cosplay event was held in Megatrade Hall 3 in SM Megamall in Ortigas.

I arrived quite late, around 2:30pm, because of family matters. Thank God Ada arrived there early and bought me tickets worth Php100 before it runs out (we'll never know). I said to her to enjoy the crowd but as a first timer, it was not a good environment w/ all the clueless-ness.

Anyways, I was shocked when I arrived because I saw a lot of people... as in A LOT were outside the venue. I was wondering why on earth will they go tambay outside if they can enter naman...

My bad. We're about to enter the Megatrade Hall, it was full of people... too much crowd... as if I'm in Divisoria.
Ada & I strolled around the Hall to took some pics... and discovered that the venue itself is TOO SMALL... Then, the stage was placed in the corner of the hall... other booths took alot of space (na hindi naman nagamit) but it was ok.

There was also a Cosplay Workshop but you will have to pay a Php50.00 to be able to enter. WHAT? nah... we just went somewhere else inside the hall to see if there are familiar faces.
Then after a few minutes, I saw kuya Chris, still thin & a proud Atenista wearing a white & blue jacket. Just had a lil' kamustahan and went off strolling around again... then I accidentally met kuya JM while on the crowd and there we did some of our kamustahan as well and asked abt ate Xandra... but didn't find her there. D:

So we continue to discover the whole hall (& outside) and did some picture-taking sessions (esp. w/ cosplayers!) haha! so fun! :)

I was abt to ask these cosplayers if I could take a pic w/ them... then, I just realized... waii~ ate Dycee herself! haha *hugs* She's cosplaying Genji from Getbackers. :D

I also experienced a quick reunion w/ a good friend of mine/co-league, Paul, who's in a cosplay group but not sure of his character... gah~ i'm not-so-up-to-date w/ the latest! gah! haha

anyways... for more pictures... you can see it in the ff:
-> my album 1
-> my album 2

-> ada's album part 1
-> ada's album part 2

well... that's all for now... :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

other's vacation pleasure... what about uS? poverty?

While making an apology to my employer that i won't make it to the meeting tom due to some family matter, the news caught my attention...

"magbabakasyon nga kmi ng family ko... a Caribbean vacation" - KC Conception

my reaction: what?!

They just came from their HK trip w/ her mom & Tita Fanny Serrano. Did some shopping daw, accdg. to Sen. Kiko Pangilinan.

What I'm furious about is... ang lakas rin nilang magbakasyon... kung kelan nagkakaroon ng krisis-pinansyal ang Pilipinas... ang Estados Unidos (USA)... or even the WHOLE WORLD...

hindi naman sa naiingget ako sa kanila at pabaka-bakasyon nlg sila ngayon... at nagpapakasarap sa buhay at sa perang naipundar at naipon (galing sa kita ni KC sa movie nya) at sabi-sabing galing sa pangungurakot ni Senator... pero... my question is... IS THIS THE RIGHT TIME to RELAX and have a BREAK? to go on a VACATION?!

I'm not against anything. Its just that... it makes me feel disgust & sad because of how ironic these people act during a world-wide crisis that most people experienced...

Maybe rich people who has a pleasurable lifestyle would say: "hindi naman namin problema yan! hindi kami apektado diyan..."

tandaan nu ang galaw ng KARMA...

I just hope that people do spend their money WISELY... for basic, physiologic needs...
and that's what majority of the people are struggling for...

Food... shelter... clothes (basic ones)... water... necesities of everyday life...

Think about every single dime that you waste on useless things... or should i say... "WANTS"...

and think of the things "NEEDS" from your 'WANTS'

oh well... i just hope we could work together and don't waste money and things for useless means...

be practical...